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  5. Fortune Cookie said it best.


  6. I try to stay away from rebloggage but that last one was too real


  7. "Pharrell is quietly and consistently living out Kanye’s career aspirations. Fashion, music, curating, Pharrell effortlessly does them all. Pharrell does everything Kanye says they will not allow him to do. Pharrell lets his art speak. No antics, great art and a savvy business strategy."

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    Damn lol

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  9. Good times bro

  10. Met a girl with a fish-eye phone camera lense.. I need to cop

  11. Mad Colors

  14. Mad Colors


  15. Color Run New Orleans 2013

    My roommate convinced me to do the Color Run 5K with him, so I signed up and paid my $45. Did’nt really care too much for it until like the day before, which was about the same time he told me he wasn’t about it anymore (he had a paper to write) ‘tsall good though. I went out there solo dolo and had a great ass time. Met some cool ass people and got a lot of color in my hair that was surprisingly easy to wash out. Here’s pictures