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  2. Christina//chrstnmchll
    Photo: Ahmed Arasah


  3. Too many rolls of this film I haven’t developed

  4. Impromptu adventures w/ kierrawest

  5. Much needed cabin retreat…


  6. trucmainguyen:

    Beat: All For You by Blue, The Misfit.

  7. Now that finals are over… Let the fun begin

  8. A commercial my friend vashnib did for Bike Daddies bicycle shop in New Orleans ft. me

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  9. Anonymous said: Mr. Let's pretend I knew you. I'd say, your mind was intriguing and your soul was more free than any bird and your heart was bigger than this world. But I don't know you. -unknown

    I know you though.

  10. Tried some Pho for the first time yesterday, definitely won’t be my last 🍲 (at Phobistreaux)


  12. chitappin:

    Pretty ill collaboration

    Erykah Badu & some other artists.. 

    Check it, Dig it, Share it


    (via abstrvctjones)

  13. kierrawest:

    Adventures & stuff ft. poolfullofspit

  14. Treehouse Study Breaks with kierrawest the selfie queen

  15. Me studying for finals..